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Choose mortgage that is right for you

Why Mortgage Broker

When you looking for a Mortgage please take to consideration to contact us, our service is free of charge without any hidden fees and our rate are compatible with all chartered Bank plus we have access to many more Lender that Bank doesn't have, our fees are paid by the Lender in return of referring a credible and trustworthy mortgagor like you.
In some circumstances there is a fee that need to be paid by the client and we try to reduce it base on your financial situation.
We provide First mortgage, Second mortgage, Renew and refinance your existing mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit, Reverse mortgage for those who own their home and need financial supplement.
We provide Pre Approval at first when required, so you know your budget, what is your option and where to look for your new home.
We take all matter to consideration and communicate with our client professionally and clearly to make sure you understand the procedure very well.
Our business is based on effective negotiation and win win situation.
We aim for saving and keep our clients for life.